Are you interested on moving your print infrastructure to the cloud?


What is Printix?

Printix is a cloud service that eliminates your print infrastructure while automating print driver and queue management and more.

With Printix cloud enabler, you can implement Printix choose you own migration speed without any down time.

Printix can also be utilized as Secure Print Solution with the universal print anywhere functionality.

How doest Printix work?


What makes
Printix unique?

Printix works together with most secure print solutions.

Printix cloud enabler connects the cloud with your on-premise environment.

Printix cloud enabler secures you migration project.

Enable secure printing, mobile printing, home office printing and even USB printer support.


Cloud-based print management

Exchange your traditional print infrastructure for a flexible cloud service. Printix automates print driver and queue management, ensuring a seamless transition with the Printix cloud enabler.

Seamless integration

Fully integrated with cloud platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Suite, Printix supports single sign-on, simplifying user access and enhancing security across your organization.

Advanced secure printing

Enjoy secure print release with on-device card reader support or mobile release, and ensure a smooth migration with the Printix cloud enabler, providing robust security for your print environment.

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