CloudCapture is a cloud service that can capture and send information to anywhere.

CloudCapture can trigger backend RPA processes based on user input from their mobile devices or any other browser.

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What is CloudCapture?

CloudCapture was developed during 2018 and 2019 with the main purpose to be able to enable user triggered backend RPA processes. Why? Because using API's as primary method for RPA processes recuires back-end robots. CloudCapture connects these bachend resources to the employees.

We built CloudCapture with security first strategy. We do not store your data anywhere ever!

CloudCapture can also be used as a no-code module for RPA processes. This allows our customers to change the code surtain ways without having to engage developers.  

What makes CloudCapture unique?

Connecting the employees to backend RPA robots is a powerful features. Triggering automations from anywhere is becomming more and more needed. The way CloudCapture is securing data consistency makse this cloud service unique. Fully integrated data base look-ups combined with reg-ex filtering, CloudCapture makes sure the automations are triggered with structured and correct data.

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How does CloudCapture work?

Benefits with CloudCapture

Microsoft azure cloud service

Trigger backend RPA processes from anywhere

No code module for RPA processes

SSO authentication with azure AD and email

Security first - No data stored

Ready to use

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