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Do you spend a lot of your work day performing tedious repetitive and monotonous tasks or delegating them?

Simple tasks often take a lot of time from our work day. Time that we would rather spend on other work tasks, more creative and more efficient tasks that can build the company further. It is possible that you have automated a few work tasks already, or it may be something you have had in mind for some time?

It is difficult to know what is the best starting point for automations, and how efficient your automations potentially will be. Automation Hub helps you and your company to explore the possibilities and potential for automation of various processes. 


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Companies Adopting RPA

Getting automation's spread across your organisation to benefit from it's powers is often difficult. Your RPA software has a grand potential, and it is important that it is utilized for more than just one thing. Automation Hub helps you utilize the unused potential and expand your automation and processes so that you get the return you want from your RPA investment. 

Process Mapping

Before Automation Hub, the road from idea to implementation was long and often a manual process, in which is both difficult to control and time consuming. With Automation Hub you can map out the process perfectly, and accelerate the process from idea creation to implementation. In addition, the tool maps out the ROI, by visualizing the automation complexity and payback costs. You'll see your projected return on investment for the 2 years after you automate. Are you using RPA consultants to manually map your processes today? 


Automation Pipeline

Building the pipeline means structuring your planned automations in the right order to ensure that you start benefiting as early as possible. This is in itself a process, one that manually can be difficult to identify and control. In order to efficiently compile and build the automation,  the management is key. Automation hub helps you central  administer and manage everything from the idea to the production, making it easy for you to identify pipelines faster, while saving you both time and support calls to your RPA provider. 

Data Driven Decision Making

Implementing data driven decision making makes the daily workload less and easier, but it is also important in order to reduce risk. After all, the robot always does what it is told to do, plus it logs all activity. Through Automation Hub it is easy to control and watch, in real time, how your automation is utilized and how efficiently it saves you time,  through a good dashboard overview. The overview provides a centralized base for complete documentation of reusable processes, modules and code consistently controlled and electronic selection processes for RPA candidates. In the process of making organizational decisions, Automation Hub helps you base your decisions on actual data rather than intuition or observation alone, giving you more time to do the tasks you really want, while also giving you the return on investment on your RPA software. 


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