Where can you trigger an unattended robot? 

In order to take full advantage of your unattended back-end RPA robot, you need to think differently. Today these robots are used for fully automated processes now in need for human interaction. Which they are originally made for. However - in many cases these robots are standing idle without any workload. This of course is a waist of licensed time for your RPA environment. What if you could harness this capacity and this idle time for useful purposes?

The challenge is actually your limitations in triggering such unattended robots. This again limits the types of automated processes you are able to run on them. Our idea is that by expanding the triggering options for these robots we also open up for different types of automation processes. We call them User Triggered Automation's or UTA's.

Some RPA manufacturers like UiPath have attended robots or front-end robots if you will. These robots are installed on your windows computer to serve as your personal assistant in many ways. The attended robots provide the option for any user to create UTA's on their computer. These automation are triggered by the user, typically by pressing play.  Sometimes it is inconvenient to bring your computer along in order to trigger automation's.  

That is why we made it possible to trigger any robot from any device with an internet connection. Bringing the power to trigger automation's from the palm of your hand.

CloudCapture solves all this. Now you can take advantage of the idle time of any robot by building new processes triggered from any device by any user, inside or outside your organization. Imagine the possibilities this opens for new types of automation's. If you are using Office 365, or now called Microsoft 365, you will enjoy the single sign on (SSO) option seamlessly integrating with you Azure AD users and groups. You can even create users for external users outside your organisation granting access to trigger automation's in you RPA environment. 

So how do we do this?
CloudCapture is integrated with Orchestrator (UiPath's robot management software) through Rest-API. This enables the capture of data through CloudCapture's advanced forms and sending it securely to trigger any RPA process. 

Unattended robots, and any other UiPath robot, can be triggered by CloudCapture from anywhere. If you want to know more about triggering RPA robots get in touch with us.