Data Security 

One of the biggest factors that historically has slowed down customers in migrating to the cloud, is worrying about their confidential data being secure and safe. It took a few years before the obvious was revealed - There is no way you can beat the security of established cloud providers in your server room. Since then migration has accelerated and security has become a commodity.

It is also known that cloud providers are analyzing you data in order to improve their services to you. Some are even stating in their privacy policy that they reserve the right to look into your data on a document level. This is obviously not a good trend and such policies should be avoided.  

CloudCapture is developed on 3 principals - Security, Privacy and User friendliness. The entire service is encrypted, even in back-end, leaving little to no chance of data breaches. None of your data is stored in the cloud and we are not analyzing any content of your data. This is in our foundation and we intend to keep it this way. If you want to know more about how we handle security, get in touch with us.