Data Consistency

When capturing data from human input, there is always a risk of human error. When capturing data to RPA robots, human error often leads to a failing RPA process. This can of course be dealt with by adding error correcting code into the RPA robots. This might get your RPA robot running as you want, but what are the sacrifices you make? Well firstly, your implementation cost will increase substantially since error corrections are newer. And how can you be sure that you covered all possibilities of errors in the human input? Secondly, it makes it harder to maintain your RPA environment, as it requires additional development, resources and adjustments, as well as you have to maintain the error correcting code. In many cases you might loose the overview and abandon the automation all in all.

Sounds familiar?
Well, we found ways to minimize errors coming from human input and make sure that consistent and correctly structured data is delivered to the RPA robots. Here is how:

Making sure the input of data is consistent and correct in front of a RPA process compares to the importance of creating a good project plan before executing it. It reduces risk and simplifies the implementation. This is one of our key factors reducing cost in RPA projects.

By choosing CloudCapture you will minimize the risk of errors in human input. Our advanced forms in CloudCapture brings you the power of using database look-ups directly from a form field, as well as complex validation options to make sure the input gets correct. Users are guided through the input form and corrected automatically when trying to input invalid data.

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