Data Capture

On average, any data capture process fails to catch around 10% of the data it was meant to. This effect can be caused by many different factors. Lets talk about the three most common ones.

Availability - In other words, having the input device ready and available the moment it is needed. Making temporary notes or having to wait until you get back to the office, increases the risk of loosing important data. Also being offline may force users to use temporary solutions before actually submitting the data. 

Complexity - the user interface can sometimes be too complex for the users convenience, resulting in the threshold for inputting data becoming higher. Another factor is that multiple systems are required to input the relevant data leading to routine-error and potential loss of data. 

Trust - Trust that submitted data is not lost in the process is an absolute must in order to get a capture routine working. If users loose data they input, they will quickly abandon the solution in search for safer ones. Even if these are analog and manual. In other words, trust is a must.

Sounds familiar?  Keep on reading to learn more about our approach to a solution

Having many years of experience delivering data capture solutions, we know what matters and what the most common issues are. When developing CloudCapture, we had the ambition to avoid all the the ruff edges that comes with traditional capture solutions. Using Microsoft Azure as our platform enabled us to provide a secure service with seamless data capture experience.

Firstly, we have made CloudCapture available from any device with a web browser. By using state of the art technology we made it possible to use CloudCapture in offline situations as well. So we achieved availability. Users can submit data from any device, anywhere at any time without worrying about loosing data.
Secondly, with a simple and user friendly interface making sure the users only see relevant input fields, we managed to reduce the complexity significantly. CloudCapture is quick and easy to use, which secures the user experience and makes sure data is submitted every time by the users.
Lastly and most importantly, we made sure data is not lost. Power failure, interruptions, accidentally closing the browser etc. All this is handled by using advanced buffering and caching technology on the devices. This, to make sure data is not lost and available to the user when returning to the form.

All this makes CloudCapture the most easy to use, flexible and robust data capture solution on the market. If you are capturing data to you business systems or Triggering RPA robots, CloudCapture is the solution for you.