Cloud Service

The obvious challenge with traditional on-premise data capture solutions is the demand for cloud services. Today, more and more businesses are moving their entire operations to the cloud. In addition this requires investments in licensing and implementation, having you committed for years. You also need the necessary infrastructure,  presenting you with upgrade costs from time to time to keep up-to-speed on your environment. To top it off, you are dependent on having the knowledge in-house or by engaging external consultants to maintain and configure your setup. With that said, sometimes it is necessary to have this on-premise infrastructure to cover your needs. E.g high volume document processing is not yet ready for the cloud. Eventually data capture services will expand in functionality replacing traditional solutions.

As mentioned,the cloud is the future and so is CloudCapture. The service is delivered with no infrastructure of any kind required from your network. As well as, no commitment, so that you are free to discontinue any time. Use CloudCapture as long as you like. The configuration is done in minutes by you or your IT administrator, and after that, you are ready to go. With no maintenance or external consultancy required. CloudCapture is the future of capturing data.

Why don't you get ahead and try it now?