Knowing that someone is working on solving your issue is one thing. Knowing when they are working on it is even more important to our customers. We spoke to our customers, and asked what they struggled with the most when request support and found that the biggest issue was the lack of knowledge to the level of attention the support request was given.

Imagine delegating and fixing problems at work, while having support issues with your printer in mind as well. We are sure you have been in that situation before. It vital for both peace of mind and functioning business to have issues fixed as fast as possible. When requesting support, the response time is more often than not the same without taking into account the level of attention the issue needs. In addition, the business process for customers becomes longer than expected when not having a service level agreement. 

Nevertheless, too often, it's difficult to get the right level of attention to the support request. There are several reasons for that, one of which includes the priority systems not being in place. This is why we decided to create the Best of Breed Support , with Service Level Agreements in place. 

 With the SLA Agreement, you will experience a practical support agreement with expanded rights and direct support depending on the service level you have requested. As external and independent service level organization, it is important to provide the remedy you need. Moreover, the Service Level Agreements or SLA is a priority system, that enables us to give you the support you need and deserve at the right time. 
Our Best of Breed Support answers to these levels of support, depending on the degree of attention your request needs:
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Our Best of Breed Support have 3 different Service Level Agreements to chose from: 


This level includes direct support within the stated response time


The level includes the basic Service Level Agreement, but with added time for troubleshooting, case follow-up, retrieval of log files and administration. 

SLA Premium 

Our final and strongest level of service, includes the stated response time and the direct support, as well as the time that goes into troubleshooting, upgrades and what naturally falls under support. In addition, you get an annual technical evaluation to ensure the best operating solution(s) in your business.