Are you sure that you have the right connections on supporting your document management solutions?

Organizations often have a portfolio with a distinct set of providers, meaning that the expertise is decreased to a comprised set of knowledge. Moreover, providers can only provide support on their own solutions.

Some support cases requires expanded knowledge on several solutions. Resulting in you spending unnecessary time on coordinating a single issue between multiple support resources. Not to mention the difficulties communicating with non-local providers or those in different time zones. Needless to say, it takes up more time than it should.

Having the right experience and support organisation in behind is everything. Not all support branches are experienced with the solution that you may have as they are only updated on the newest technology. Some support branches are not able to help, considering there may be combination of solutions affecting each other. In order to get the best experience with support, you need someone with a wide variety of experience who can connect the dots across the providers and solutions you may have. 

Not everyone has been in the game for as long as we have, and not everyone has a support team with a wide variety of expertise and experience on different solutions. Support is not given, it is experienced, and in order to effectively and smoothly solve an issue, having a solid organization behind your back when it comes to support is everything. 

Best of Breed has been working with document management and print solutions since 2003. Moreover, with several years in the field, we are have both year long experience and expertise. Making it easy to provide the right support no matter what your solution may be. 
Our support team has over 50 years of experience with print and document management solutions, and has worked on hundreds of cases, as well as a variety of solution software and providers. This makes us unique ! In addition, we are a local organization, that easily can assist you both on premise and remotely, so that you can lower your shoulders and focus on what you need to.
With a wide portfolio building up over the years, we also have great contact with our manufacturers, giving us extra mind power to put together. We work directly with all the largest manufacturers directly, meaning we have over a 100 people behind us when it comes to support. This ensures that you are placing your issues with people that have no other business than solving them for you. As an independent provider of a variety of solutions from various producers and companies for years, we have the ability and the manpower to give you the best support experience. 
Our organization takes pride in being able to assist our customers every need. After all, our support service is valued from how you experience our service. And we measure our selves continuously. 
Service is not given, it's experienced