Do you need support, but experience that it takes more time and effort from you than it should ? 

Print vendors are able to give support on their own solutions, which in some cases can cause issues as the need for support might be related to other brands you may have or solutions functioning together. Either you are using separate solutions, or have solutions in various areas, it is difficult to efficiently get your issue solved. This is the known "who owns the problem" triangle.

Perhaps you are in process of changing solutions, and the support you are receiving aren't taking into account that old solution is causing issues. Or if they are aware, they specialize in their own solutions, causing the support service to take more time. This requires an enormous amount of time from our customers, and even more support calls to make sure the providers of the solutions, or even the two support technicians are communicating. It takes up both your time and head-space, in which should be used for other work tasks.

So how do you solve this ?

As an independent organization, we have managed documents and print solutions since 2003, and therefore have a grand portfolio of solutions and expertise behind us. Our independent role is important in order to be able to provide support on every aspect of your solutions and brands.  

Independence is vital in order for our customers to experience the best support. With a wide portfolio, any solution you may have is in our realm of expertise. Most importantly, this means that the effort required from you, is at the minimum. Having an independent support provider is critical in order to save time and decrease the effort it takes from you. Even when in the process of changing provider, we will stick with you, and provide the support you need, fixing any issues caused by the transition or when you need support for your new solution. 

This way, we can provide expertise no matter what solution(s) your business is using. Even if you decide to change your solution, we will be able to stay with you and support you.  Independence is important to us, so that our customers can be sure that they are taken care of no matter what they are using.