Automation can be an incredible tool that helps you increase productivity. In order to efficiently implement, it is important to have a plan for what processes that should be automated. Business owners and employees, we spoke with, had great ideas for their RPA journey, yet they experienced that the road from idea to implementation was long, even with the help of RPA consultants. 

The issue is that in most cases, the implementation process is doen manually, which makes it difficult to control, and without knowing what processes in fact increases productivity, as well as the process ends up focusing on only one business unit. Where the benefits of RPA implementation includes increasing efficiency, improving productivity, and lowering costs, customers felt that the process of mapping out the automations fell short. This was before Automation Hub came into the picture. 

Process mapping is any automation strategy's first step. Through Automation Hub, you will get insight and information in order to understand and improve workflows in real time. The tool perfectly maps the overall process and makes your daily work load even lighter and easier in your RPA journey. 

When mapping out the process that you want the automation to do, Automation Hub maps out the ROI, showing you what I worth automating and what is not.

The tool calculates and visualizes the automation complexity and payback cost, giving you easy access to your projected return for the next 2 years after RPA implementation. 

Automation Hub shows you impact you can measure, so that you can easily track progress and impact, while also informing you about the latest news, inspiring new ideas and collaborations that can help your business grow. 

Automation is an incredible tool that will increase your data-driven decision making, organization of automation pipelines, and overall help your journey with becoming a company adopting RPA . All this, without having to worry about the small things allows you to focus on the bigger and more important things, so why should mapping out the process for Automation be any different ?