When making decisions, we often go for what our gut and intuition says. In which both requires countless hours of decision making, in addition to counsel and of course risk analysis. Moreover, when not organized in a set system, it can be hard to control and manage, which results in more time spent on trying to reach a decision. Especially within RPA Software, it is difficult to know what to automate and all in-between the idea and implementation. Customers reported that monitoring the process and managing what process functioned and what did not was challenging when manually having to input and find the data. With so many elements to take into account, it was near impossible to organize and make decisions around it. 

In addition the process requires constant monitoring, in which we found was quite simply stealing the time from businesses, employees and everyone involved. The documentation that has to be done in relation to this, was difficult to catch and log down, and required full focus and unlimited amounts of hours, one let's be honest, none of us have time for. After all, we want the business to grow and to have some time outside of work and we can't spend all hours of the day at work. This problem resulted in a slowed down process of RPA implementation, and a heavy analytics for businesses to go through before reaching a complete decision.

All in all, before Automation Hub, clients spent not only hours, workforce, but also only a fraction of the potential that their RPA Software had. Analyzing data is a great tool for risk management and a great help when reaching decisions, yet when collected and analyzed manually, it is a heavy and unstructured process. Data-driven decision making requires more than using data to reach decisions, and customers wanted something that could structure, organize, manage and test their ideas based on their data, in order to make their workload less, their automation's functional and utilized and in order to make data-driven decisions, while having time to do tasks that grows the business. 

Data-driven decision making has many benefits, when left in the hands of Automation Hub.  The tool helps you determine opportunities within your RPA Solution by analyzing and collecting data from your automation set up and interprets it for you so that you can address any ambiguity and confidently can make decisions for automation pipelines, process mapping and overall for the company adopting RPA

Automation Hub collects the data you need for you to move forward with your automations by organizing and managing everything in the Hub. Eliminating the errors that comes from manual tasks and subjective elements, the data gives you concrete and logical evidence to base your decisions. Automation Hub, not only provides data for your insight, but organizes it and manages it so that you can see what functions and what doesn’t. Moreover, with the administering center, you can get your entire organizational strategy across every business unit, without being concerned. Plus a log that gives you insight into all activity that the tool has done. 

Automation Hub monitors your processes and frees up your time, so that you can efficiently grow your business while knowing that your implementation ideas are well taken care of and efficiently being tested, secured and correct when ready for implementation. Structuring your decision making process around the data analysis Automation Hub provides, speeds up the process from idea to implementation, and lets you utilize the RPA software with its full potential. 

In addition to freeing up time and receptive tasks for you now and in the future, Automation Hub will decrease the expenses you may use on RPA consultants, and more importantly, the time you spend on calling for support. But that is not all, Automation Hub gives you the projected return of investment that you will get from your chosen automation strategies and platforms, with real time data evidence that project the return you will get the next two years. Saving you from unnecessary expenses, time and work while still keeping you updated on the latest news on RPA and Automation strategies, so that you can make informed decisions with every aspect of your business covered, without lifting a finger. 

Automation is the key, and Automation Hub is the prime tool for data-driven decision making.