Businesses are benefiting from RPA across all industries of the globe. The goal being to increase operational efficiencies. Implementing and adopting RPA can be a long and difficult process, requiring someone in your organisation to own the RPA program. Coordinating several counseling calls and manual work to get things moving. 

As businesses are investing in RPA Software, the demand for the return of investment and stress-release increases. Yet we have experienced that several companies only used a fraction of the RPA potential. While companies are aiming to increase operational efficiency using RPA, some of them reported that few processes were actually being automated. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that not everything should be automated, but from what we experience, several companies and businesses are only using RPA on tasks in a few individual units of their organization. With reports revealing that 92% of companies are aiming to adopt robotic process automation by 2020 (ISG), it is important to expand the automation's as well as coordinate them and fit them to your company needs.

You may ask, Is there is a correct answer for what processes to automate or how to best adopt RPA in your business? 

Enter Automation Hub

 Automation Hub helps you organize and utilize the unused potential of your RPA, helping your company adopt RPA in every right aspect of your business including process mapping, automation pipelines, as well as data -riven decision making.

But what does Automation Hub do to help companies adopt RPA? 

The tool conducts a controlled and consistent selection process for RPA candidates, data in which is logged into the programs dashboard, for you to follow in real time. This way you can easily follow live report on the processes that are automated. 

Through the central administration dashboard with RPA opportunities and suggestions for process automation. Including data over the ROI pr. process. making it possible to fully take advantage of the potential of your software through a structured view on each process in the company. 

In addition Automation Hub reduces implementation time using the automated documentation tools and reusable RPA components, making you ten steps closer to your goal. 

This way, you won't have to spend time on manually conducting research on the processes, nor spend the time and money on RPA software counseling. Moreover, you effectively get an overview over the best implementation strategy for your business and the entire organizational structure, bringing together each units individual strategy to a whole and collaborative automation that benefits everyone.