Automation Pipelines are the main lines that connects and orchestrates individually automated sections of a project that will create a successful structure. Before Automation Hub, this process, much like process mapping was a manually, time consuming and complicated task.

After mapping out your process, one has to identify the pipelines in which will be included in your structure. Every organization has different needs, something in which is reflected in the variety of pipelines. Moreover, there are hundreds of individual tools and even complete pipelines to chose from, all in which are different in order to fit all the different automation needs. Identifying pipelines are no easy task, as you have to evaluate the core strengths and competencies of each tool and pipeline and structure them correctly. Overlooking a component or automation pipeline can set your automation process back, create botched deployments and errors. Something several businesses experienced before Automation Hub. 

Automation Pipelines need to be structured and organized in order for you begin to execute the automation you have planned.  This is no simple task. As mentioned the pipelines are the main lines that will orchestrate your automation, and therefore it is vital that they are managed and administered correctly, in order for your automation to function properly. Moreover, customers reported that ordering pipelines were one of their most time consuming and biggest difficulties, which in turn created problems when compiling the automation. Leaving them with the question: There must be a simpler way to do this ? 

Automation Hub is an automation building tool and manages and organizes the pipelines. The tool administers the pipelines centrally and manages the individual components, so that you can easily see and identify the pipelines, saving you time and headaches, and gives you a simpler way to automate and utilize your RPA Software. 

There is no rule for what a pipeline is or what tools should be included in it, which also makes it difficult to identify, considering a pipeline should fit your businesses need.  This looks different for everyone. Automation Hub helps you build automation and continuously integrate it, tests the automation, all in which you can oversee and follow in real time. Through the dashboard you get full information and data on the automation in which your pipelines will do. Giving you easy access to information about the pipeline and automation ability or if your automation have unused potential. Automation Hub fulfills the goal of creating automation with no manual steps, so that your RPA software executes the automation correctly and efficiently. 

With the various components, it is important that the whole of the pipeline equals the sum of each of its parts. As mentioned this is no easy task, and requires a lot of organizing, and last but to least monitoring. A process in which is crucial but also time consuming. Automation Hub ensures continuity and monitor and analyses the process through it central management, which gives you access and real time view of your automation pipelines, ensuring their correct function. This way you are still in control, but with minimum effort, you can set up your automation and experience to make your life easier, creative and with more time to make you and your business grow.